Mastino Napoletano

Guard of the District

A cultural asset that urgently needs to be appreciated and restored. We love and breed healthy Mastino Napoletano.

We present our ACI certified mastino breed „Guard of the district“. Do you personally meet the requirements for keeping this special breed, then call us and fall in love with a unique dog!
Contact under +49 173 2560983

Miro und Alfredo aus Schweiz

The first address in Europe for the healthy Mastino Napoletano.

Have a look at our GoD Mastini offspring and be sure, you will be delighted.

GoD Mastino gang
Evolet and Lioness and Muis

It is a pleasure for us and the Mastinis to be in harmony with nature.

Only with good social behavior the common happiness will be achieved.

Team is when you go a way together.

Only when you overcome all difficulties and go on decently and purposefully, the perfection and fulfillment sets in.

Let’s go into the GoD Mastino adventure!

We love to meet with other Mastino Napoletano lovers and fans and discover adventures together. The adventure consists not only of the breed Mastino Napoletano that we explore and love, but also of the people with whom we explore it.

Please tell us your subject and topic.

Take The Biggest Adventure of Them All!

Join our happy GoD Mastino family and find out why the Italian Mastiff has been one of the most popular and rare breed dogs in the world for many years!

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